Quartz has become one of the most sought after choices for homes today, with unlimited color ranges and hundreds of patterns to choose from.

We always supply our customers with the best quality products.

Cambria quartz we provide is 100% Canadian Quartz and is North American Made.It has the clearest quartz crystals on the market providing the most enriched countertops patterns available.

Be cause it is a non-pourous material, Cambria is the ideal food safe surface for your cooking areas.

You will not need to worry about chips, cracks, scratches and the hassle of periodically resealing the top.


Moulded Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops have ruled the kitchen, bathroom and commercial top surfaces for decades.

It is a cost effective, visually appealing and durable surface for any project around the house or office space.

Patterns and colors are never ending, new top coats and surface finishes make laminate countertops a versatile option for every individual.


Custom Laminate Countertops

A Custom laminate countertop is a good option if you are trying to get rid and limit the amount of countertop seams.

We have several different options for edge profiles, from flat lay to bevel inserts.


Butcher Block

Generally made with hardwoods such as Black walnut and Maple, butcher block countertops bring a natural elegance to any living space.

The warmth and beauty of hardwood is often paired with Quartz countertops.

With most butcher blocks being sealed with oils, they require a bit more maintenance. 

That being said there are some food-safe options for top coats that are very low maintenance.





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